Another go at the bucket list

Our day out at Oakwood Theme Park

My son came home for summer from university, and as he is a poor student he went and looked for a summer job and was fortunate to find one at Oakwood Theme Park in Pembrokeshire.

As part of the perks of the job he was allowed free entrance to the theme park for him and his family.   We took them up on this wonderful offer and spent the day there having a whale of a time.

The weather was not so good but that did not spoil the day for us at all.  Obviously my son did not want to go into the building where he worked as he knew that his friends in there would take the mickey out of him and try to embarrass him in front of us, so we stayed away from there, apart from when we needed the bathroom and then he stayed outside.


The first ride we headed for was Megaphobia.  What an awesome roller coaster!  Courtney was not fussed on it, it looked like she fainted as soon as it went around the first corner.  (which was a worry) but she was ok, just hiding from the ride!  My son and I went back on the ride later in the afternoon and that confirmed it, what a brilliant roller coaster, it felt like I was going to fall off every time it changed direction or went up or down.

Anyways, to keep Courtney happy and vomit free we then went into Neverland for a sit down, drink and look at the map.  We then went onto the London Taxi Ride, which was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.  Listening to a couple have a domestic in the car in front of us – no holds barred!  As a reward I was allowed a Latte – which was superb, so much better than I thought it was going to be.

We then went for the water chute thing, we got wet then had lunch. After that, we went on a journey to the Neverland’s, it was really professional because, the children (dolls) who were sleeping were actually breathing you could see them move! In the next room, we saw the town of Neverland and in the town of Neverland was the house that Wendy lived in, the house lights were actually on, and for the kids, Tinker bell was flying around the room magically opening everything (it was a shadow picture of her flying around the room.) We saw Vertigo being used by three very scared people, I have never heard screaming like it (and I have seen combat).  It was so funny – that was when it rained quite a bit which was fortunate as it eased off when we went back out onto the rides, looking at the children’s rides.  We went on everything, including the ghost train (which was being run by a former school friend of my eldest son).  On the way out my wife and son went on Drenched, which they were – totally.


We had an excellent day and managed to tick off one of the things on our bucket list, although it will be quite a few years before Courtney goes on another white knuckle roller coaster again.


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