Our favourite TV / Film shows

In work this week, whilst not having much to do, the conversation turned to favourite films and television shows.  It soon descended into a banter strewn hour as people revealed their favourite electric fish tank shows and big screen films.

Big winners amongst most people in the office, both young and old were Gogglebox and the Big Bang Theory, however, randomly, the younger members of the office plumbed for such shows as Pawn Stars, Friends, Goldbergs and Eastenders, the more mature member of the office went for shows like Antiques Roadshow, Coronation Street, Match of the Day (my favourite TV show of the week), escape to the Continent (what is that?) and re-runs of Mythbusters.

Films proved to be very contentious with actual arguments (even though they were good natured) starting.  James was adamant that the best film ever is One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, Mike went for some random Chinese kung foo film and Big Si went for Cowboys starring John Wayne. I would go as far to say that Big Si was the most passionate about why Cowboys was the best film with his monologue and quotes from the film, I guess he has seen it more than once.  However, they were all wrong. The best film of all time is Grease.  I absolutely love that film (awella wella ooh) and I brook no argument from anyone, I am right they are wrong.

So I decided to put a list of my daughter’s and my top 10 favourite TV shows and films in descending order:

My daughters’:

  1. The Dumping Ground
  2. Despicable me
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. Britain’s Got Talent
  5. X Factor
  6. Friends
  7. Tracey Beaker Returns
  8. Vevo music channel
  9. Youtube
  10. 4 Music


  1. Grease
  2. Twin Town
  3. Eurovision Song Contest
  4. The Big Bang theory
  5. Gogglebox
  6. Match of the Day
  7. Keith Lemon’s Celebrity Juice
  8. Person of Interest
  9. Life on Mars
  10. Line of Duty

You will notice that there are no soap operas on either of our lists, also it took my daughter hours to come up with the above list as she seldom watches television during the week as she is so busy doing other things like football, lego and homework.  As always your thoughts and ideas are always most welcome.


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