Our day at the zoo

By Courtney

Our day at the zoo was the best day so far this year and it was really enjoyable to spend time with my family. As my brother came home from university with his girlfriend, she wanted a little look around Pembrokeshire and to see what it is like so we thought to go to Folly Farm. What a day of adventure and seeing the new lions and the new rhinos, or shall I say rhino, there was meant to be two but we only saw the one sadly, the other one was in another cage but we couldn’t see him/her, I do not know if it was a girl or a boy but, it did look bored out of its mind, but it was lovely to see it. It looked so strong and powerful, a very big animal, but boy did it look very bored standing there not moving staring into nothing.

Next, we say the new lions, WOW! I cannot believe they had lions and there were loads of them, only one male though. The great part was when the zoo keepers fed the lions and they came so close!!! But when the zoo keepers left, the lions where they were so we could see them close up. One even roared at a lady taking a picture – it did not like that, everyone jumped back, which made one of the other lions growl. I thought that was the best part!!!!!

After that, we all went into the fun fair, sounds fun doesn’t it? Firstly, we sat down by the, ultimate play area. The tallest old mighty play area with loads of slides, ladders and different layers, one gigantic funky slide (the biggest one there) a slide that is quite dark but you do get an electric shock, sometimes you can see the spark, you also go around and around and then you’re out!

There is another slide by the two ways in, one way in is to climb, the other is to walk a couple of steps. Up the steps, then you can go upwards three ways one way is to go up the steps and down a slide and another way is up the stairs into the slide or in a whole up to the top, oh, look at me talking about my fun time in the fun play area, but while I was playing we had lunch but then my brother and his girlfriend went off and went on fair rides inside.

After I had eaten my lunch I had a little sit down with a drink and then we all went on the fair rides together, I went on the two rides with my brother and one ride with his girlfriend.  I really enjoyed it but then it was time to go home.

When we got home my brother’s girlfriend painted my nails with nail varnish, she is very good at it.

I cannot wait to go back to Folly Farm, my mother has promised that we would have one more trip there before we move up to Bristol. Plus I get to cross off hearing a lion roar!


Gratitude and us

Recently my mother has been taken very ill. She has emphysema from a life-time of smoking.  Whilst I was sat with her late at night in the hospital the nurse who was looking after her on that long night shift said that we should be grateful that my mother was “asleep” through this all and that the machine she was attached to was breathing for her.  I felt a little annoyed with the nurse at first as she was interrupting my thoughts at that time.  I was actually thinking what was I going to do without my mother.  What was I going to do on a Sunday now that we were not going to be able to talk to one another if she had to stay in hospital, what would I do if the worst were to happen, how would my life change. Which, upon reflection, was incredibly selfish.  So I decided to put together a list (lists are after all very popular at the moment in our house) of things that I am grateful for.

The list has both serious and frivolous items on it as I am really grateful for a lot of “crap”.

Things that I am grateful for:

  • Having been brought up by my mother and father in the way that they did
  • Bank holiday weekends
  • The first coffee of the morning
  • Tenby in the summer sunshine
  • Historical castles
  • Eating someone else’ chips from their plate
  • Holding a hot cup of tea in both hands outside when gardening in the cold
  • Welsh isms (isnit, buy year etc.)
  • Windscreen wipers keeping in time with the song playing on the radio
  • My daughter’s imagination when she is playing with Lego
  • Being able to park right outside my house on a Friday evening getting in from work
  • Ice cold milk drink
  • Going to the cinema and seeing how excited my daughter is
  • Watching my son work something out on his own – with no outside help
  • Driving to work on a Monday morning at 4 am and seeing no other cars on the road
  • Blue Christmas lights on a tree in someone else’s garden
  • Sleeping in fresh bedsheets
  • Eating free samples with no intention of buying them
  • Completing a to do list on time
  • Gravy in a Yorkshire pudding
  • Crispy Yorkshire pudding edges
  • Watching the first seeds budding
  • Sitting in the garden listening to silence
  • Listening to an invented story by my children
  • Socks straight out of the tumble drier
  • A family meal out and my daughter’s food arrives first – she gets so excited
  • Reading a Where’s Wally book – and finding Wally first
  • Getting a 9 letter conundrum watching 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown before John Richardson does
  • Slightly burnt toast with marmalade
  • A day in my pyjamas
  • Strawberries and cream on a summer’s day
  • Waking up and staying in bed for another half hour just in the half and half sleep zone
  • Biting into a cold apple
  • Singing
  • The internet