why my bucket list?

What motivates me to blog?

I really have no idea what made me want to blog in the first instance, although I believe I have a story, well several stories, of some of the things that I have seen and done in my life that I know are interesting, some are really funny, but really I want to do is improve mine and my daughter’s written English, additionally we will have a joint interest and I thought by adding this (blogging) to my bucket list it would force me into improving my English.  My biggest problem (other than spelling and grammar) is I am absolutely cack at writing stories down!

Some of the stories I have are downright rude and belong in the “what happens on tour stays on tour” league, but by changing some names ,dates etc. I am sure they could be put out there and be read by many people. Hopefully if anyone reads them they will find them funny as well.  There are some serious stories as well, you cannot go through tours in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Ireland (again and again), Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan without having a few stories that  can put a lump in your throat but these tend to only come to light when I am in a dark mood, which is very rare these days.

However, when we meet up for our veteran weekends; supping a beer or three, pulling up a sandbag we chat for hours and hours about what we did, where we did it, with whom and how drunk we always got after (that last bit is a very common thread throughout the majority of the “dits” and yarns we always spin).  Most of these stories have us all roaring with laughter, however, when I write these stories down they seem like a very long dialogue of not so interesting facts!

I have recently read several articles on this blog website (see hazyraindrops blog on http://hazyraindropsdotcom.wordpress.com for the article on Colour-by-numbers as an example), this blog is very well articulated, with no spelling mistakes, clear points, is obviously well written and researched, is really well thought out and I enjoyed reading it very much. Ultimately it is what I would like my daughter and I to be able to do, write really well and articulate our stories.  I am quite hopeful that Courtney will be able to do this as she has her mother’s brains and some really good teachers at her school.  I am going to sign up for a free course on Alison and see where that takes me, hopefully it will also help improve my grades on my Open University course to boot.

The first things I need to do (as I have just been told by my daughter):

Proof read everything…twice!

Read more blogs and books

Take a course in English

I will have to add these to the bucket list, which is ironic as we intended to do a few things on the bucket list this Easter but all we have managed to do is add more items to the list.


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