A week of sinusoidal differences

What a week this has been. We started off with the wonderful email from Matty in Ireland telling us that he had found our balloon, he totally entered the spirit of the game that we were playing and has promised to send a balloon back to us!  I really do hope he does that because what has happened in Brussels this week has really thrown us off course.

We just do not understand why people would do this.  I find it difficult to put into words that both my wife and I can understand let alone trying to explain to an 11-year-old girl why things like that happen.  Anyone has any advice please feel free to chip in.

What motivates people to go and do these things?  I have dealt with extremists in Bosnia in the ‘90s and Iraq in 2003, I understood why they did what they did ( you could never justify it, just understand it) but to go after civilians going about their business is beyond my (limited) comprehension.

We have distracted Courtney now with the promise of making things this weekend (it is after all the Easter Bank holiday) so rather than just stuff ourselves with chocolate eggs we are going to make stuff with balloons and string – there are some really good how to guides on the internet and quite a few have appeared on my Facebook feed as well.

We will be trying to cross off a couple of things on the bucket list, well that is what we are promising ourselves.

It is looking good for walking 50,000 steps in a day as a good friend will be visiting over Easter (as well as our youngest son being home from university) and we all love a good long walk.  I am desperate for the 50,000 steps as I am in a competition with one of my work colleagues to run 1000km in a year as well as walk the 50,000 steps in a day.

We are both at or around the 240km mark already, that is being achieved by running 5km on Monday, 10km on Wednesday and another run of varying distance (sometimes 5km sometimes 16km) on a Saturday (but never a Sunday as that is red wine flu day).  This is paying dividends for both of us as we have both lost weight, I am determined to lose my belly this year and I know I can achieve it, I lost 4 stone last year then put on 2 stone on the build up to Christmas and New Year.  I lost the weight by following Jerry Ward’s BIOS3 video blog on YouTube, that guy really explains things at a level that I can understand, although he has a penchant for using the ‘f’ word quite a lot! What he says makes a lot of good sense to me, well it did last year and now I have started to watch his videos again I am sure the fat will start to fall off again.

A little bit of a schizophrenic post today but the shocking news this week has really knocked us all a bit sideways, hopefully a bit of time off and destress time will put things right.  Who knows, maybe we will sell our house this Easter and everyone will be happy?


The book has a bit of a blip last week and we did not really add to it, we will do so this weekend and will post something from it next week.



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