The balloon gets back in touch!

The mystery is solved!

We had the most wonderful email from a lovely gentleman in Killinick in County Wexford on Thursday night.  The balloon that we had launched from the top of the Preseli hills last week turned up in the hedge near his church.  It seems that he saw it whilst taking his dog for its evening walk on Thursday and then he emailed my daughter to let her know that he had found it and that he would be showing his grandchildren the balloon.

As I work away during the week I did not get an opportunity to speak to Courtney to let her know until Friday afternoon and she was absolutely made up by the news.  We will be doing this again but we will be putting three balloons together and setting them off in the summer when the weather is better. Here is a copy of the email that we were sent:


Hello there Courtney and her dad

I have found your balloon!

I live in a little village called Killinick County Wexford Ireland and this morning when I was out and about with my dogs i saw your balloon message in the very hedge by the church! I hope this is a long way away from where you sent the balloon. I will be keeping the balloon and your message to tell my grand children about it, could you be so kind and let me know from where you launched the balloon.

Thank you for making an old man laugh and very happy,

Matty O


We have started to write our book (also on our bucket list) now that we have finished planning it all out, we will have to put up an excerpt when we have written a decent amount of the book.  I have to say that writing a book is a lot harder than we first thought. It is no like writing an essay or an engineering report or statement of work – you have to follow the plan otherwise none of it makes sense. We have subscribed to Nina Amir to learn how to run a blog and post a book on a blog, quite interesting so far.  This serves two purposes, one, I get to spend time with my daughter doing something constructive and two, Courtney writes a lot and improves her writing and English.


Courtney’s words:

I miss that balloon quite a lot now!!

We waited for nearly a week for someone to reply to us and now it has finally happened. I was so chuffed to hear from the gentleman but also a little sad that “balloonie” has gone from us.

We also started thinking about writing a short story that will probably be about some chocolate Easter eggs that we hopefully might make “fingers crossed!? or we may write it about our “great balloon escape” but for now, we need to focus on our story called the Great Suburban Submarine Hunt!!!

Now I am going to tell you about what we will do with my chocolate Easter eggs, my parents will hide some mini eggs around our house and may hide a BIG EASTER EGG somewhere. To put it in shorter word: we will be doing an Easter egg hunt around our house.


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