The great silver balloon escape

Well that is the second item ticked off the bucket list! We sent a message on a balloon… eventually!

We drove to the Preseli Hills where the wind was blowing a right hooley and you could not see further than your end of your nose.  We parked up just off the main road, opened the car door and nearly lost damn door the wind was so strong.

Luckily there was a massive pile of wet dirt right next to the car, that cheered me up no end when I put my foot right in it, well it made me laugh when my wife also put her foot in it!

We waited for the traffic to clear on the road and were hoping for maybe a bit of a break in the 90mph fog to release the balloon (this is Wales after all – you know it is summer because the drizzle is warm) but gave up on the fog having a little break after about 10 minutes because it was so cold and windy.

The balloon was released by Courtney and we thought that it was not going to fly up as it was forced into the hedge in front of us by the wind, but it eventually lifted up and disappeared in the fog faster than a rat up a drain pipe.

It was quite funny as we were all really excited by it (bizarre! Just letting go of a silver balloon) and we all laughed as it went on its way. Although we were all glad that the heating had been left on in the car as we got back in, if you find the damn thing let us know via the email address on the card, that would really make our day, hopefully it will be found at a great distance from Preseli Hills.



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