Introducing ourselves

We are a family of five from deepest darkest, beautiful Pembrokeshire, there are only three of us in the house now, two have flown the nest to University.

We (the three remaining) decided to put together a bucket list just for a bit of a giggle at first, but then as we added things to it we found that we actually wanted to do some of these daft things (there are some sensible things on the list as well).

We will be adding to the bucket list as time goes on but really this is all about  achieving one of the items on the bucket list – make a blog!

The list:

  • Create a blog / website
  • Put a message on a balloon and send it off
  • Go on a roller coaster
  • Learn to say no and not feel guilty
  • Write a book (started and it harder than we thought)
  • Go on a ghost hunt
  • Run Hadrian’s wall
  • Go to an open air concert
  • Walk 50,000 steps in a single day
  • Go on a picnic in a random place 28/3/2016 Had a picnic and a massive walk on the freezing beach!
  • Take a random family selfie 28/10/16
  • Start a Business
  • Perform a kind deed – regularly
  • Go stargazing and then watch the sunrise
  • Read a random book
  • Fly a kite on the beach
  • Work in a charity shop
  • Go to a big stately home
  • Make a BBQ smoker
  • Find a passion
  • Make something out of wood
  • Go ice skating at Christmas
  • Be on TV or a film (as an extra)
  • Write a will
  • Go up in a hot air balloon
  • Donate blood Done and will do it again in March 2017
  • Make home-brew
  • Move house to the West Country
  • Visit a space or science centre
  • Do something new at least once a month
  • Not use Facebook for a month
  • Paint a painting
  • Take a painting lesson

Not very exciting and not very novel but we are really looking forward to doing them all!

We will add as we go along but  firstly we must send the message on a balloon from the Preseli Hills

Added 26 March 2016

  • Run 1000 km in a year

Added 9th April 2016

  • Hear a lion “roar”
  • Hear a zebra “bark/whinny”
  • Hear an elephant “trumpet”
  • Hear a seal “bark” and clap it’s flippers
  • Take a selfie with a lion

Added 15th April 2016

  • Walk across the Severn Bridge 28/10/16



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